Wedding cakes are custom tailored for each wedding and are designed to be stately with clean lines, and beautiful, floral and feminine finishes. Cakes tiers are baked extra tall to stand as an elegant canvas for well-placed custom decoration. In the K. Rose atelier, Kristine fashions hand-made sugar botanicals in true to life size, expertly coloring each petal and stamen in many varieties such as English Rose, Camellia, Anemone, Magnolia, and Lily of the valley. K. Rose utilizes premium cotton and silk Japanese ribbon to adorn cakes and sources most ribbons from Mokuba of NYC. In the interest of taste, cakes are minimally decorated with fondant embellishment.  

tastings2Wedding cake tastings are arranged by appointment.  You will sample cake flavors and we will discuss the design for your cake at our tasting.  Please bring all wedding inspiration such as colors, florals, themes, etc. Have a look at the cake menu!  Cakes are priced per serving and range from $6-7 per serving, depending on the design.